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The Seventy-Eighth New York Regiment, The Cameron Highlanders

Photos of 78th New Yorkers

  • Colonel Daniel Ullman
  • Surg. Winfield S. Fuller
  • Capt. Harvey S. Chatfield, Co. A
  • Corp. Henry Bell, Co. B
  • Corp. Lewis A Sippell, Co. C
  • 1st Lt. Pierson B. Peterson, Co. D

    Age, 23 years. Enrolled September 25th, 1861 at Buffalo. Mustered into Company D as a first lieutenant January 24th, 1862 for a three-year tour of duty. Wounded in action September 17th, 1862 at Antietam, MD. Died of his wounds October 27th, 1862 at a hospital in Smoketown, MD.

  • Another view of Lt. Peterson (NY State Div. of Military and Naval Affairs)
  • Pvt. David Fratcher, Co. D
  • Pvt. Sullivan F. McArthur, Co. D
  • Capt. Henry Randall, Co. E (postwar)
  • Sgt. George C. Richardson, Co. E

    Age, 21 years. Enlisted November 6th, 1861 at Pembroke. Mustered into Company E as a sergeant November 11th, 1861 for a three-year tour of duty. Died of disease October 30th, 1862 at Washington D.C.

  • Pvt. Peter Bowtah, Co. E

    Age, 27 years. Enlisted December 9th, 1861 at Amherst. Mustered into Company E as a private December 16th, 1861 for a three-year tour of duty. Re-enlisted as a veteran December 26th, 1863. Transferred to Company K 102nd New York Infantry July 12th, 1864.

  • Sgt. Scott W. Skinner, Co. G (courtesy Sue Boardman)
  • Sgt. Martin Olmstead, Co. H
  • Pvt. Hiram Henry Booth Clark, Co. H (postwar)
  • Pvt. James F. Handy, Co. K (postwar-age 60)

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