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The Seventy-Eighth New York Regiment, The Cameron Highlanders

Stations of the 78th NY Inf. Throughout the War

  • Stationed at Camp Goodrich, VA, except Co. D stationed at Bowman's Ford, Va til June '62.
  • May 25-30 '62 - The Regt. was a portion of the force under command of Gen. Rufus Saxton during the siege of Harper's Ferry and behaved with coolness and gallantry.
  • May 28 - The Regt., being at Bolivar Heights by order of Gen. Saxton, marched towards Charlestown and covered the retreat of a force consisting of the 111th PA Vol. Inf., and detachments of cavalry and artillery, all under the command of the colonel of this regiment. The retreat to Bolivar Heights, in the face of the enemy, was conducted in perfect order and without loss; the rank-and-file as well as the officers exhibiting great coolness and intrepidity.
  • June 2-4 - The regiment, being part of the division commanded by Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel, made, during severe storms, forced marches from Harper's Ferry to Winchester.
  • June 4-30 - The Regt. remained encamped without tents, etc. at Winchester, Kernstown, Middletown, and near Strasburg.
  • July 1, 1862 - Stationed at Camp Goodrich, VA.
  • July-Oct. 1862 - Stationed at Bolivar Heights, WV.

    The Regiment has been in the following actions:

  • May 28-30, 1862 - Bolivar Heights, WV.
  • August 9 - Cedar Mountain, VA.
  • August 21-23 - Rappahannock, VA.
  • August 24 - Sulpher Springs, VA.
  • September 14 - South Mountain, MD.
  • September 17 - Antietam.
  • Were through the entire campaign under General Banks.

  • Nov.-Dec. 1862 - Stationed near Fairfax Station, VA.
  • Jan. 1-March 1, 1863 - Stationed at Brooke's Station.

  • Nov. 3-9 '62 - The regt. went on reconnaissance to Shannondale Springs, 10 miles from Harper's Ferry. Stayed there until Nov. 9, in which time captured several prisoners and 2 horses with equipments.
  • Dec. 1 - Made reconnaissance to Winchester, VA, skirmishing with the enemy's cavalry at Charlestown and Berryville.
  • Dec. 3 - Reached Winchester. Entered the town and fortifications and saluted some cavaly with some round shot.
  • Dec. 5 - Countermarched and returned to the Ferry after a march of 62 miles.
  • Dec. 10 - Started for Fredericksburg, but went as far as Dumfries, VA and countermarched to Fairfax Station, 125 miles in all.
  • Jan. 11 '63 - Started after Stewart's(Stuart's?) Cavalry. Skirmished with them near Opequon Creek, VA. No loss our side. Returned to camp next day.
  • Jan 19 - Marched towards Stafford Court-House. Mud knee-deep. Wagons, battery, etc., stuck fast in the mud.
  • Jan. 24 - Moved and arrived at Aquia Landing, VA on teh same day.
  • Feb. 27 - Detailed to work in fortifications at Brooke's Station.

  • April 10, '63 - Stationed near Brooke's Station.
  • March-April - Stationed at Aquia Creek, VA.
  • May-June - Stationed at Littlestown, PA.
  • July-August - Stationed at Ellis' Ford.
  • Sept.-Dec. - Stationed at Wauhatchie, TN.
  • Jan.-April '64 - Stationed at Stevenson, AL.
  • May-June - Stationed near Kenesaw Mountain, GA.

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